Training Topics for Runners

Coaches see great success from runners and walkers who embrace the wealth of coaching and training topics. During the season, we coach the group on a number of these topics including nutrition, hydration running form, injury prevention and strategy. We encourage you to ask questions, and do a little research too. Click on the topic headings below for more articles on that topic.

Training topics important to runners and walkers

Nutrition and Hydration

Early in the season we begin asking people to make sure they drink enough fluids, and eat healthy. Later in the season when people are bonking after 7 miles, we re-visit these topics to an audience much more receptive.

Running Form and Technique

There are simple things you can do to improve your running form and technique, and the result will be fewer injuries and more efficient use of your energy, and that translates into better performance. With good running form and technique, we can move faster and go longer.

Prevent and Treat Injuries

This is a big topic, and injuries are part of most sports. But injury can be preventable and treatable. We believe that an injury creates an opportunity to appreciate the coaching topic of prevention and treatment of injuries. Injuries thought of in this way will make you a better runner. You are a better runner as you learn and practice this topic.

Training Strategy

Are you intending on running fast early in the training season? Will you have hard days and easy days during the week? If you visualize approaching the finish line of your target distance by dropping the hammer the last mile, please read these important topics and bring all your questions as we coach you as we coach the group on Saturday mornings.

Race Day Strategy

Bottom line, there should be little difference between your race day strategy, and how you conducted yourself during the last several long training runs. This is because you will be able to implement a race day strategy that is based on how you already trained.