Since 2003, Boise RunWalk coaches have enjoyed helping beginner runners and walkers train effectively for a 10K, half or full marathon. The key has been helping them have fun along the journey.  Along with beginners, we coach couch potatoes, joggers, walkers and intermediate levels of experience. Even fast runners show up. Everyone benefits from group support while attempting to take back their life. Here are reviews and testimonials some of our members have given along the way.

Updated December 26, 2019

I was a 66 year old couch potato with bad knees and feet when I joined Boise RunWalk after talking with Coach Steve. Exercise didn’t exist for me, and arthritis was causing considerable pain. On the coaches advice, I started doing cross-training with the BRW group twice each week, plus three walks per week. Six weeks later last Saturday, I completed my second 3-mile walk with minimal discomfort and a smile on my face. This October, I’ll do my first 5K race, and walk with my daughter. The camaraderie and encouragement from other walker/runners in the group is wonderful. Today, I enjoy my lifetime membership with Boise RunWalk. I look forward to continuing for many years with this group, making more new friends, and getting a total make-over physically and mentally. Thank you! ~¬†Elizabeth Rutherford

Boise RunWalk has truly changed my life! The accountability of working with a group of peers every week, and the support of the coaches, helped me become a successful runner. I completed my first half marathon, was able to get off my high blood pressure medications, and have become inspired to be a lifelong runner. I recommend Boise RunWalk to everyone I know! ~ Casey Jones

I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Boise RunWalk. When I started in 2009 I thought it would be a good way to enjoy some walks with a little training. I never thought I would actually run, especially in a race. Coach Steve and his team of coaches taught me how to interval run/walk. I actually started running. I did two 10Ks last summer and now I’m going to train for Robie Creek! Me do the Race for Robie I never thought it possible. But with Boise RunWalk’s coaching I actually think I can do it. They give you the confidence, skill and encouragement to make it happen, not to mention the accountability. I would highly recommend Boise RunWalk to anyone considering training for walking or running. You may surprise yourself. ~ Jackie

When I joined Boise RunWalk I had no idea of the benefits I’d receive. I moved to Boise from a warm climate and the training regime helped me acclimate to this cold climate. I received motivation from the coaches and other group members and made lasting friendships that I am grateful for and hold onto to this day. I have participated in numerous marathons since starting with Boise RunWalk and I utilize the knowledge from this awesome group. My appreciation goes to the people involved with this organization. It is top notch! ~ Sherry Allen

As a long-time veteran marathoner, I can tell you the Boise RunWalk training program is better than any I have experienced in Atlanta, Orlando or New Orleans. The coaching structure, particularly with your team of coaches, the stature, talent and teaching ability is head and shoulders above anything I have encountered. And the seminar training is superb. Great job! ~ John Hubert

Finishing my first half marathon with Boise RunWalk was a defining moment in my life, one I’ll never forget. That last mile was definitely the hardest. During the half marathon my walking partner and I reflected on where we were a year ago. My goodness our lives have changed 180 degrees for the good! If someone had told me last July that a year later I would be walking a half marathon and training for a full marathon, I would have laughed and thought they were nuts! That was a year ago. I was nearly 200lbs over-weight! Now look at me, I’ve finished a marathon! ~ Peggy Sue

Thank you Boise RunWalk! The positive attitudes each morning and all the work you coaches do is appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement throughout our 15.5 miler. Your positive comments and smiles along the route helped give the boost needed to get through the entire workout. Coaches greeting us at the end with congratulatory smiles and positive words helped add to the personal feeling of accomplishment. When I signed up for the program, I had no clue of what I had gotten myself into, but it has all been positive and I sincerely appreciate the coaches and fellow participants. It’s great to see so many different people with different personal goals come together and lend each other positive support. Thanks so much for promoting this positive and fun training program and the incredible group dynamics. Thank you! ~ Mary Lieuallen

I first found Boise Run Walk to train for Race to Robie Creek. Boise RunWalk’s structured group training program fully prepared me, in a fun coaching environment. The coaches worked with everyone in the group to help us stay injury-free. After the Robie training program, I continued the following season to train with the group and ran my first marathon at age 45. All the previous training programs that I had tried on my own I was never able to get through because of injuries. Boise RunWalk gave me a large group to train with who were the same pace and fitness I was, and I ran my first marathon with no injuries! ~ Oliver Chase

I was so excited about joining Boise RunWalk. At the first meeting I actually decided to RUN! What a shock for I had never run in my life! When the coaches explained you can do a combination run/walk and have fun competing in races, I wondered if I could really do it. I started running 3 minutes followed by a 1 minute walk, and it was so doable. I couldn’t believe how great I felt physically and mentally. A couple of months later I was competing with all my friends. I did my first 10K bypassing the 5K event altogether. My family and friends can’t believe I’m running. Now I’m so excited to be running 3 miles straight, with no walking. My goal is to compete in a half marathon next summer, just in time for my BIG Birthday and I know with the group support from Boise RunWalk I will make it! I am so thankful for the coaches and Coach Steve’s leadership and kindness toward those of us who are not born athletes. It has been a true blessing to find a lifetime sport to keep me happy and healthy, along with forming lifelong friendships. ~ Wendy McIntosh

I just wanted to say thanks for the work you and your coaches do for so many learning how to go the distance. I joined in January based on a friend’s recommendation. I had previously completed Robie twice and wanted to find a more structured approach for my third season. Your structured group training program really delivered!

I mentioned upon joining that I was running-curious, and you made a believer out of me, a regular walker/backpacker who thought running was bad for the knees. Because of Boise RunWalk’s structured group training program I was able to safely integrate running into my training and then bested my previous Robie run by 25 minutes. The nutrition/hydration element your program taught the group provided me with a plan that kept me out of frequent pee breaks, yet adequately hydrated and well energized during the race. Thanks again for what you do to better the health of the community. I’m Boise RunWalk’s evangelist! ~ Doug Metzgar

I’ve run with Boise RunWalk regularly since the spring of 2005, as I try to stay fit, and prepare for local marathons and half-marathons. Although I’ve been running for about 40 years, I still learn new things nearly every week at Boise RunWalk. My travel schedule precludes me from attending all of the Saturday sessions, but I come to as many as I can, because the supported long runs, and the camaraderie they inspire, help to motivate me. The coaching and clinics that Boise RunWalk delivers each Saturday morning on topics such as stride, core fitness and nutrition have been very helpful, and I’ve met and still visit massage and physical therapists that I encountered through the structured training program. In short, I’ve gained a lot through my association with Boise RunWalk, and look forward to many more miles in the training program. ~ Erik Christensen

Well everybody, I completed the 1/2 marathon! And I was literally the caboose at the tail-end! haha! But hey, I finished! A group of Boise RunWalk coaches and members stayed and waited for me and my two kids, and everyone was cheering us on which was totally fantastic. Thank you for your support! ~ Suzanne Ennis

Thank you to the Boise RunWalk coaches and all the walkers and runners who were so supportive. You create the most amazingly energy of support, and are true leaders. See you next season for sure! ~ Kimberly Wheeler