Pre-Pee Workout for Plantar Fasciitis

A quick pre-pee workout prior to jumping out of bed to pee. Great for PF. You’ll love it.

by Coach Mike

As runners and walkers, we ask so much of our feet and ankles. As Coach Steve says on the topic, running without cross-training often leads to “the heartbreak of PF”. Plantar fasciitis sufferers will love this workout. The stronger the muscles in our legs and feet, the better they hold up to the stresses we put on them. The simple six movement exercise described below will help you prevent and treat Plantar fasciitis (PF).

This pre-pee workout consists of 6 exercises that will help strengthen, warm and loosen the muscles in our feet and ankles. We tend to cool and stiffen overnight, especially if we’re Coach Steve’s age. If we will take two or three minutes on this workout, at least 3x each week, then we can treat PF and prevent other pains too. Before getting out of bed and before placing our full weight on our feet. Then, we can hit the bathroom on feet that are not yelling at us. The low back stretch is quite helpful too, for those who having lower back issues. All 6 exercises are safe and comfortable while still in your coziness.

Note: The first 4 exercises are done with the feet at least 6 inches apart. They are together for the fifth. Do 5 reps to loosen and warm slightly or 10 or more reps to better strengthen, warm, and loosen the associated muscles. Minimum of 3 times per week. Daily is okay too because this is a non-weight bearing exercise that you’ll learn to love before you get out of bed. Great for recovery. Also, if you don’t wait to pee, you’ll deprive yourself of strengthening your bladder (very useful as you head to the starting line).

Ankle Circles

Circle both feet clockwise and counter-clockwise – make them as large a circle as possible and not too fast.

Dorsi and Plantar Flexion of the Ankle

Point and pull-up the toes with the calf and shin muscles, respectively (more fun if done in an alternating fashion).

Arch Curls

Curl the toes downward and extend them upward as far as possible while keeping the feet otherwise still (shoes off)

Medial and Lateral Leg Rotation

Rotate both legs at the same time to the left and then to the right and repeat while keeping the upper body still (think windshield wipers) – rotate as far as possible in each direction and pause at the extremes to “feel” the stretching taking place within the joints of your feet

Inversion and Eversion of the Feet

Inversion and eversion refer to movements that tilt the sole of the foot away from (eversion) or towards (inversion) the mid-line of the body. Eversion is the movement of the sole of the foot away from the (median plane). Slide your feet together first and then tilt both feet together in the same direction (inverting the right foot while everting the left) and repeat in the opposite direction – picture yourself standing on a board on top of a ball and the board tips one way and then the other

Low Back Stretch

While laying flat on your back, hug your knees to your chest to give the low back (lumber area) an excellent stretch – hold for a minimum of 30 seconds.

These 6 pre-pee exercises plus cross-training will help you avoid the heartbreak of PF. ~Coach Steve