YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Marathon

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Race event details

Organized by the Treasure Valley Family YMCA and sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission, this is one of Idaho’s signature running events. The half and full marathon course begin at Lucky Peak while the 10K and 5K begin near Albertsons HQ on ParkCenter Blvd. and all run along the Boise River through parks, over several bridges, and past other scenic venues. Runners and walkers traverse the mostly flat and fast terrain on the  Boise greenbelt and neighborhood streets. The net elevation drop is about 200 feet. Organizers report that the Famous Idaho Potato race’s are among the most popular in Boise.

Go the distance!

Train effectively in Boise RunWalk. We deliver a structured group training program for the Famous Potatoe, and other events too. Other race events we train for include Race to Robie Creek, Fit for Life Half Marathon 10K 5K, Portland Marathon, Barber to Boise, and City of Trees.