Summer Training Group - Half Marathon









Summer group training for runners and walkers!
Meet each Saturday morning @ 7:30AM beginning June 24

  • It's never too late to join.
  • structured group coaching on Saturday mornings
  • meet most Saturdays at 7:30am
  • other locations announced in weekly update and Saturday mornings
  • target distances: 10K and half marathon
  • target events: City of Trees, Run 4 Heaven's Gate, Barber to Boise, and all October events

Locations, training plan and MAPs inside your Weekly Update.


  • This 2017 Spring and Summer groups are $45 each.
  • Purchase both Sring and Summer for $80.
  • Simple registration is required, click here.
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Training Plan

Your most current Summer training plan is available here.

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Beginners and couch potatoes welcome!

  • Read what others are saying here
  • Follow the Weekly Update for locations, times, clinics, maps, routes
  • Walkers and Runners - all levels. Couch potatoes welcome!

Walkers and Runners - all experience levels

Join Boise RunWalk's group training program this Summer. Runners and walkers, all experience levels, Couch Potatoes too. Join the Spring and Summer group training programs for a full two seasons of group support, new friends and great fun.

Half Marathon. 10K. Summertime!

Your Summer training program provides the group support and coaching you need 12 weeks with your target events in Sept and Oct. The Summer is one of our most popular training programs with other target race events including Barber to Boise, Run for the Hills, Run 4 Heaven's Gate and Zeitgeist Half Marathon.

Portland Marathon, City of Trees Marathon, Run for Heaven's Gate

The marathon schedule starts in Spring training for runners and walkers. One of the biggest challenges coaches have is getting inexperienced runners to approach the first 5 weeks at low intensity while focusing on core strength and flexibility. You have plenty of time to add speed training once you have built a base of low miles and freedom from injury. During the first 5 weeks, focus on core strength, nutrition and making new friends, all while running very conservatively.


The 10K Summer training schedule starts at 1-2 miles. Many people enjoy training for the 10K (6.2 miles) and this program provides an opportunity to re-introduce yourself to running after a long, very long layoff. The 10K programs is also perfect for walkers learning to run, and everyone preparing for a half marathon program in the Summer.

Boise running!

All Summer program routes are on the greenbelt and in the foothills at Hulls Gulch.  All groups share the common routes with coaches, water coolers when necessary and restrooms or portable toilets.

Saturday Mornings

Meet at Shoreline Park and enjoy a Saturday morning routine that includes group coaching, warm-up and workout. As the morning temperatures rise and the sun comes up earlier we’ll start meeting earlier. Most mornings we will hold group discussions where we coach you on important training topics using a question/answer format. These discussions last 20-30 minutes before we warm-up and head out on the routes.

Personal Coaching

Do you need additional coaching outside the coaching you receive in BOISE RunWalk's training group programs? Or are you a non-member who is seeking a personal coach? For information visit Coach Steve's personal coaching ´╗┐page´╗┐.


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