30 Minute Recovery Window: What to eat?

Enhance your body's recovery process by consuming carbohydrate and protein rich beverages and foods within 30 minutes following endurance exercise when muscles are most primed to resynthesize muscle glycogen. Consume 200-300 calories within this recovery window. Here are just a few examples. Experiement with what works best for you.

Recovery Drinks

  • Sports drink (PowerAde, Gatorade)
  • chocholate milk
  • juice (Fruit juice, Orange Juice)
  • Meal replacement beverage

Recovery Foods  

  • Banana with honey/peanut butter
  • Fresh fruit
  • yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Bagel
  • energy bars
  • Rice cakes or low-fat crackers, with hummus or bean dip
  • turkey sandwich
  • Low-fat cookies (Fig Newtons, graham crackers, gingersnaps, etc.)



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