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Key Factors Not To Consider

Shoes are without doubt the single most important piece of equipment for runners and walkers.  There are a wide variety of key factors to consider in buying shoes. Here are key factors NOT to consider.

shoe-asics-gelSteve Prefontaine ran in Chuck Taylor All Stars, so they must be good.
If a type of shoe works good for someone else, unless their feets are similar to yours in terms of arch, width and size, and that person is roughly your body type and weight - then forget it. Find the right brand and shoe for you. This means sticking the shoes on your own feets and trying them out.

This shoe feels great - but the colors are so hideous.
I have a high arch and I am what is called a "large frame" runner. It used to be called "fat ass" until the P.R. people got a hold of the ad copy. For me, Gel Asics MC Plus were the #1 best show.  Unfortunately, the newest model is a barfy pale yellow.  Just accept ahead of time that your shoes are going to be ugly, and then don't think about it.  I've even had shoes that were basic  baby blue - size thirteen boats in baby blue is not good look, incidentally.

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Dress For Cold Weather Running

Southern Idaho in the Winter offers runners and walkers a great deal of comfortable weather which means you don’t have to head to the  treadmill all season long, especially if you’re training with BOISE Run Walk during the Winter Robie Creek program. Technical fabrics especially for Winter wear can allow you to run or walk comfortably without wearing lots of heavy clothing so that you can train effectively on natural and paved surfaces and be ready for late Winter and early Spring events. The key to outdoors running and walking in the Winter is to select the proper clothing. Here are suggestions for running and walking safely and comfortably during the colder and wetter Winter months.

winter-runningHead and Neck
On cold days you can lose a great deal of body heat from your head. It's important to keep your head covered from the cold and wind with a hat made of thermal fabrics such as fleece or wool, and you can easily tuck your hat into a pocket if you feel overheating. For your neck consider a Neck Gaiter worn by skiers which can be extremely valuable on  frigid and windy days. These come in designs that can protect your neck and face and you can pull them over your mouth to warm the air you're breathing, especially helpful when you first start your run.

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