Small bubbles, big pain: Blisters!

When possible, leave the blister alone for 24 hours to allow it  to heal itself. If the fluid isn't reabsorbed, lance the blister as follows: sterilize a needle by heating it in a flame or boiling water, or by soaking it in alcohol. Swab the blister with a disinfectant such as alcohol. Prick two holes on opposite sides of the blister, and press gently on the blister with sterile gauze to push out the fluid. Do not remove the loose skin.


Smear the blister with Vaseline or Aquaphor, some use Preparation H,  and cover it with a sterile gauze pad. If the blister refills, lance again and then soak it in Epsom salts. Before putting on shoes, make a doughnut shape out of moleskin and place it around the blister, then put another layer on top to cover the whole area. For recurring blisters, work on eliminating the cause: Make sure your running shoes are the right size and shape. Wear socks made from synthetic blends. Before you run, apply petroleum jelly or talcum power to reduce friction.


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