Pre-Pee Workout for Fewer Injuries and Faster Recovery


Five Exercises and a Stretch to do Each Morning Before You Get Out of Bed!

by Coach Mike Carlson

As runners and walkers, we ask a lot of our feet and legs. The stronger our legs are, the better they hold up to the intended stresses of a training season. The simple exercises described below will warm and loosen your leg muscles as well as the joints in the lower leg and feet. These simple exercises will add strength as well.  We tend to cool and stiffen overnight, especially if we're Coach Steve's age. If we will take a moment or two to do these before getting out of bed and before placing our full weight on our feet, we will already be more fluid and less likely to aggravate issues we may have with our feet and lower legs, such as plantar fasciitis. The low back stretch is for those who currently are having issues,  and is safe while on a comfortable surface. Hope this helps!

Note: The first 4 exercises are done with the feet apart from one another.  They are together for the fifth.  Do 5 reps to loosen and warm or 10 or more reps to strengthen the associated muscles a minimum of 3 times per week. Daily is okay too!

Ankle Circles

both clockwise and counter-clockwise – make them as large a circle as possible

Dorsi and Plantar Flexion of the ankle

point and pull-up the toes with the shin muscle in an alternating fashion

Arch Curls

curl the toes downward and extend them upward while keeping the feet otherwise still

Medial and Lateral Leg Rotation

Rotate the legs together to the left and then to the right and repeat while keeping the upper body still (think windshield wipers) – rotate as far as possible in each direction

Inversion and Eversion of the foot

Tip the feet together (inverting the right while everting the left) to the left and then to the right and repeat – picture yourself standing on a board on top of a ball and the board tips left and then right

Low Back Stretch

While lying on your back, hug your knees to your chest to give the low back an excellent stretch – hold for a minimum of 30 seconds


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