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This long page is dedicated to all our new customers in Boise RunWalk. Are you considering joining?  Learn about this structured group training program, and succeed at your goals.

Table of Contents 

  • Thank you
  • Training Plan
  • Training Plan Specifics
  • Training Plan Compliance
  • Weekly Update
  • Important Information and Coaching
  • Stretch and Sports Massage
  • Saturday Morning Agenda
  • Saturday Distances
  • Weekday Workouts
  • Walkers
  • Couch Potatoes
  • Runners, joggers, veteran runners
  • Our philosophy and recommendation
  • Your coaches

Thank you

Thank you for your purchase of the group training program with BOISE RunWalk. Once you complete the membership form and sign the simple waiver, and return it (with applicable certificates/coupon codes), you are part of a large group of adults striving for better wellness through long distance group training. This year in 2012 BOISE RunWalk begins its tenth year providing group training programs and your coaches are grateful you decided to join us for the group training.

Training Plan

To receive your group training plan for the season, visit the BOISE RunWalk website and read the Weekly Update  and follow the easy instruction for receiving your group plan, which is delivered by email. When you send us your email request for the training plan, we cross-check that you’ve submitted the membership form, and then we send you the plan. For a glimpse at the season, usually we have a bar chart graphic in the Weekly Update representing the Saturday distances through the season/year.

Training Plan Specifics

In your training plan you’ll see we provide a text-book training schedule to a target 10K race event, half marathon race event or full marathon race event.  These training plans are indeed “text-book” industry-accepted training plans that adhere to generally accepted coaching recommendations found with the real pros like Jeff Galloway, Hal Higdon and Joe Friel. Each week in the plan has four (4) workouts. The longest workout is on Saturday mornings with the group. The three (3) shorter midweek workouts are measured in “minutes” to make it easier for most people to determine the length of a workout. No more than two consecutive days are worked out during the week without a “rest” day. A total of three weekly  “rest” days are a critical part of your training plan. You’ll notice the published training plans of BOISE RunWalk do not include recommended intensity, speed training, heart rates, pacing, and other measures of perceived exertion. This is because these topics are discussed inside the  Saturday morning group. The only items in our published group training schedules are the days we recommend you workout and the duration of each workout, and the days we recommend that you rest. Work with your coach, bring your questions on Saturday mornings, and enjoy learning all about how train effectively.

Training Plan Compliance

A couple things we don’t do in BOISE RunWalk is require that each person does exactly what the “text-book” group training plan says. However, we have observed that most success at achieving goals comes when a person attends Saturday’s group regularly (even if you miss a few Saturdays). Success will come when you do at least one of the mid-week workouts each week and attend Saturdays on a regular basis. We can coach you at your current level of experience and readiness, but the best place to be on a Saturday morning is with the group, even if you’re injured or you’ve missed a few workouts. Some people will do "all-and-more" of the group training plan, some will do less. Success at your goal is determined by establishing a routine, participating with the group and making friends, asking questions, listening to your coaches, and reading the Weekly Updates. Washing your coach’s car helps too. 

Custom Plans 

Are you training for a target event that is different than our training plan targets? If you are one of these lucky people who are having way too much fun hopping on a plane and traveling to another city for a target race event, we can help you create a training plan by modifying our training plan, and help you learn how to modify/create your own plan. You’ll still enjoy the BOISE RunWalk group training program, but of course, the custom plan will involve a cup of coffee and a sunrise muffin at the Big City Café, and possibly a few hours of custom personal coaching services.

Weekly Update

We ask you to read the Weekly Update each week. It’s easy to find on the website, and we try to answer lots of basic questions about logistics (routes, events, BBQs, sales, training topics, etc) each week in the update, and we send you a reminder by email each week after it’s updated.  If you don’t read the weekly update, you might arrive at Shoreline Park looking for your group when we actually are at Camels Back Park. If you don’t read your weekly update and do not attend the Saturday morning coaching sessions, you might miss-out on the next BBQ social, or the tidbit of information on the best deals in town on shoes, GU, water bottles and body glide. 

Important Information and Coaching

Most of the important coaching information you need to become a successful distance runner/walker with BOISE RunWalk is delivered to you in the group on Saturday mornings. Topics such as form and technique, nutrition, strategy, hydration  are talked about and discussed with you in the group each Saturday morning ahead of the run, and after the run too. And during coffee too.

Stretch and Sports Massage

We encourage you to learn how to stretch lightly and appropriately under the guidance of your coach, and take advantage of the sports massage therapists available most Saturdays following your distance workout. Yes, that’s what I said, we have  FREE massage! About 10 minutes depending on the length of the line and how much you might be tipping (optional) the Certified Massage Therapist.

Saturday Morning Agenda

Most Saturday mornings we follow a basic agenda:  first we meet on-time, then we talk and discuss topics important to your training, then we warm-up,  and then we do the run/walk workout. Usually during the first half of a training season when so many people are starting new with BOISE RunWalk, the talk and discussion part of the agenda lasts a full 30+ minutes. Later in the season and some Saturdays, we cut this part short, and then do the warm-up and run/walk workout. Over the course of a 14 to 26 week season, you will enjoy direct participation in the group with your team of coaches on Saturday mornings prior to your workout. If you want to arrive early on Saturdays, your coach(es) are usually there 10 minutes early for good back-and-forth banter and questions/answers.

Saturday Distances

On Saturday mornings with BOISE RunWalk, you will have a planned distance measured in miles, beginning the first week of a season at about 1-3 (or more) miles depending on the target event and your level of experience. The planned distance is in accordance to the training plan that most in the group is following. During your distance workout, your coaches are on the same route as the group, and us coaches do a pretty good job making ourselves available for assistance, help and encouragement. 


We love walkers. In fact, we put “walk” as part of the name of this Boise training program. Walkers are generally people who want to stick with walking, or people who want to gradually add running intervals. Most of our walkers are not quite ready to totally run. Many, many people over the years of this program have started walking, and gradually added running. Work with your coach.

Couch Potatoes

Are you a couch potato? If so, that’s cool. Hey, some of your coaches are former couch potatoes, in fact, many of the people in your group are current or former couch potatoes. There’s really no anonymity if you’re a couch potato. We all know who each other is. The thing is, if there is one target group for BOISE RunWalk, it’s the couch potato who is sick and tired of spending the last 20 years on the couch and who fully intends to change her or his life. So, welcome to BOISE RunWalk! Your coaches recommend you attend at least 80% of the Saturday mornings on the schedule, and average one or more weekday workouts on our schedule… all during the first six (6) weeks. Talk with your coaches, ask questions, make new friends and take back your life!

Runners, joggers, veteran runners

Over 1,500 people have come through BOISE RunWalk since 2003, and most were inexperienced at running and wanted to learn. Many had a history of injuries and decided to get coaching. Many had done a previous 10K, half or full marathon and had given their brain enough time to forget the pain, and were coming back to running to experience the joy of a personal best. Many customers were runners with years of experience, and they participated in BOISE RunWalk for the social experience with fellow runners, especially on longer training runs where having a few friends around really, really helps. Our coaches have had lots of fun coaching all these people over the years, and we’ve coached people through so many and so common of issues.

Our philosophy and recommendation

The keys to successfully training for a long distance target event is to establish a routine, training effectively and arriving at the starting line injury free. In order to train effectively, there are a few topics you need to learn and experiment with. In order to get to the starting line injury free, you need to leverage your experience in making a decision about how much intensity you’ll add to your training workouts. If you are inexperienced, slow down and let your body react positively to the increased rigors of starting a training program. Let your body adapt to a gradual increase in weekly distances at a slow pace per mile. Give your body time to grow stronger. Give yourself more than a fighting chance by reading, learning, asking questions, participating, and purchasing your coach coffee and a sunrise muffin at the Big City Café. If you are inexperienced, if you have no idea what your pace (minutes per mile) is, if you have not run or walked more than a 5K in the last few years, please do not attempt to take your life back in the first mile of your first meeting with the group training program. In fact, let everyone pass you for the first six (6) weeks. Coach Steve will be right behind you for a nice conversation and directions to the Big City, but you’ll have to slow down to catch him.

Your coaches

Most of your coaches are volunteers who love to help others adopt running as a lifestyle. Your coaches have a wide-range of experiences and accomplishments. Some of your coaches are fast! Some are slow and spend way too much time hyping the Big City Sunrise muffins hoping you’ll get a hint. We have a team of coaches, and most Saturdays there are 2-3 coaches present in the group discussion and workouts and stretching, and yes, you’ll find them on the massage tables too.

Your one-stop destination for Boise running and structured group coaching for runners and walkers.

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