Special Pricing for Calvary Chapels R4HG


R4HG participants may begin group training with Boise RunWalk and receive the special R4HG pricing prior to officially committing to R4HG by July 17.

  • $40
  • 2015 Summer Program
  • 11 Weeks Group Coaching - starts July 18
  • Please complete the online waiver.


Important notes about R4HG training with Boise RunWalk:

  • Payment may be made by PayPal above. or by check to: Boise RunWalk, PO Box 7612, Boise, Idaho 83707.
  • No prorated pricing.
  • We discourage payments made onsite during the coaching sessions.
  • All R4HG registrations must be accompanied by a signed online waiver.
  • Please no refunds.
  • We encourage R4HG participants to start training this Spring.
  • The group support and fun you get helps you prepare for 4 half marathons in Oct.
  • You can do this.

Important Dates with the 2015 Run 4 Heaven's Gate



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