Sumits Yoga - Boise Hot Yoga for Runners and Walkers

Two Boise locations!

2122 Broadway Ave, Boise, Id  83714

6734 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID 83714


(208) 344-9642

20 days unlimited for just $20 for new customers. Coach Steve recommends everyone take advantage of this opportunity to learn the benefits of Sumits hot yoga in Boise.


"The single best cross-training for runners and walkers, and no better place to learn than Sumits Yoga in Boise."  Steve Blake, Head Coach - BOISE RunWalk.

Enjoy Hot Yoga at Sumit Yoga Boise

Hot Yoga 2-3 times each week (or more) for greater flexibility, strength, stamina and balance, and a much more productive 10K, half marathon and marathon training program with BOISE RunWalk. For faster recoveries, Coach Steve recommends a hot yoga workout within 48 hours of your long distances for speedier muscle recovery from the repetitive motions of running. After a long distance Saturday workout, a Sunday afternoon 4pm at Sumits Yoga in Boise is ideal.



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