Exercise Physiology 101 for Couch Potatoes

Exercise physiology for runnersBegin your journey of progressive overload with Boise RunWalk all the way to your first 10K, half or full marathon.

Saturday August 3
A special clinic sponsored by Boise RunWalk
730am-845am at Shoreline Park

Presented by
Benjamin Stein - MS Exercise and Sport Studies

This special coaching session is intended for all Boise RunWalk customers and athletes especially couch potatoes, you'll learn the basics of exercise physiology and how we train and what to expect along the journey. You'll also learn the basics of setting up your own personal training program. Not a member? Join today! Would you like to attend as a guest only? Complete this "Saturday Special Guest Pass" form and be our guest for a morning at Boise RunWalk.

What happens when you get off the couch?

Work and energy consumption happens and it needs to happen.

Energy and Hydration

The key to fueling your body for training and performance is found in nutrition and hydration.

Positive and Negative Adaptations to Aerobic Training

Recognize the causes, signs, symptoms and effects of over training and detraining. Understand your heart's cardiac output, stroke volume, VO2max and resting oxygen uptake.

Positive and Negative Adaptations to Aerobic Training

Muscle output, neural adaptations and responses of bone, muscle, and connective tissue. My body is changing!

Training Strategies for Aerobic Events

Aerobic endurance and 5 steps to consider when planning your aerobic training for a marathon, half marathon or 10K. Types of  aerobic training and recommendations for frequency, intensity, duration, and type.

Meet Ben Stein

Ben is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and certified as a USA Level 3 Cycling Coach. His passion is professional 2D and 3D bike fitting. Ben has five years experience specializing in cardiovascular fitness training and fitness testing, and Ben has designed customized and efficient cardio training programs for his clients. While studying Biophysics at Boise State University, Ben received his Master of Science Exercise and Sport Studies. He is ACSM certified Health and Fitness Specialist and holds a wide spectrum of advanced certifications including Level 3 USA Cycling Coach to ACSM/ACS Cancer Exercise Trainer. Benjamin is a coach for endurance cyclists, runners, and triathletes. As an athlete himself, he participates in endurance cycling events, running events, hiking, climbing mountains, triathlons, and half marathons including:

  • Ironman 70.3 Boise
  • YMCA Spring Sprint Triathlon
  • Race to Robie Creek Half Marathon
  • YMCA Off Road Sprint Triathlon
  • Les Bois Off Road Triathlon

Contact Ben Stein, CEO, On the Bike, LLC  -  254 S Poplar Bluff Avenue, Eagle, ID 83616   (208) 914-4917    www.onthebikeidaho.com



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