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What others have said about Cross-Training with Boise RunWalk

Updated June 25, 2013


I really enjoyed the pace and variety of Boise RunWalk’s cross-training program! It was fun and great to work out with other people. My fitness level improved and it even helped my running performance. I would recommend it to anyone no matter your current fitness level. ~MelissaD.


As a 66 year-old obese couch potato of many years with extremely limited range of motion and physical health, the first few weeks of training found me icing the muscles I forgot I had.  After 6+ weeks with Coach Pam's twice weekly cross-training and Coach Steve's coaching our Saturday walks, I've lost 5.5 inches overall and gotten much firmer especially in my core. Now my aches and pains are really starting to improve! Before, it was hard to stand in one place more than a few minutes without my feet, knees and back hurting and burning. Now, not only can I stand longer periods without pain, I finished another 3 mile walk on the greenbelt  and in the foothills with Boise RunWalk on Saturday morning! The camaraderie and encouragement I receive really makes the difference, and I look forward to continuing for many years with Boise RunWalk. I love making new friends while getting a total make-over physically and mentally. My goal now is to surprise my daughter by entering a 5K with her!  Thank you coaches Steve and Pam!    ~ElizabethR.


Coach Pam's cross-training class with Boise RunWalk was really tough for me but I can't wait for the next session! While there are many things that I will do on my own like run, walk and bike...  cross-training is NOT one of them. This class is invaluable to me. Last year, I started the Boise RunWalk program and while my spirit was strong, my body was weak and an injury took me out of the training program. I was frustrated. This year as a result of the cross-training with Coach Pam, I'm starting with a strong foundation that will help me to achieve my goals and stay injury free. I've noticed better muscle tone and strength in every part of my life. Pam makes the class a little different each time. When we play games and race around, it doesn't seem like work. ~SherriK.


The Boise RunWalk cross-training included the kinds of exercises runners need to help prevent injuries and make you stronger. This cross-training program was a lot of fun.  Thanks, Pam!   ~DeniseH.

I am a long-time runner, and after suffering reduced performance caused by injuries, I realized I was missing cross- training to improve strength and form. After a few weeks of Boise RunWalk’s cross-training with Coach Pam, I am back on track and know I will place well in my age group in the next few races. Pam has a way of making the workouts enjoyable and the hour of training goes by so fast that you don't realize how hard you worked until you feel it the next day.  ~GaryP.


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