Cross Training for Runners and Walkers


April through June 

This group is like having a personal trainer and a personal running coach. Plus, I get to workout with the same friends and coaches as I do each Saturday morning. Cross training is so important, and it's  modified by me and coached to my target goals in a very personalized setting. I love that I get to build relationships that last all the way past the target finish line. It's like having a gym, a trainer, a coach and a group of pals all rolled up in one. Best deal on the planet for new walkers and new runners.    ~ Elizabeth R.  April 2014  

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Cross training designed by runners for runners. Walkers too.

Maybe your goal is to get to the starting line of a 10K, half marathon or full marathon, injury free. That is our goal. Our goal is to make it to the starting line injury free. Improve your performance, reduce injury and have fun in Coach Pam’s twice-weekly cross-training workouts. We are walkers and runners who completely understand the benefits of cross training, and we've designed this series of workouts to help you accomplish your goals, beginning with the most important goal, get to the start line injury free. 


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm 
  • Location: Local Park TBA
  • 10 weeks, 2x per week, 20 workouts
  • Late season arrivals permitted and encouraged. Prorated.
  • Questions? Call today (208) 639-0205


What to bring:

  • workout towel/mat
  • large water bottle

What you receive

  • Non-intimidating workouts with new friends
  • 11 weeks, 22 group workouts, with a coach who cares.
  • Focus on strength, core and cardio.
  • Improvise each workout if needed
  • Designed by runners for runners
  • Endorsed by Coach Steve

Questions? Call Coach Steve (208) 639-0205

Testimonials: Read what others are saying about cross-training with Boise RunWalk

Cross Training by Runners for Runners.

Cross-training integrated into your Boise RunWalk training plan! Now you can train for a 10K, half marathon or full marathon with BOISE RunWalk and integrate a weekly cross-training plan that will help you get to your target race event stronger, faster and with less chance of injury. Customers may participate one day or two days each week in the weekly cross-training services.

Increased Performance. Fewer Injuries.

Cross training for runners and walkers is a great way to condition different muscle groups and increase your performance while reducing chances of getting one of the top-5 running injuries. You can add or substitute these cross-training workouts into your BOISE RunWalk plan.

Spreading the load.

Cross training spreads the load of training stress across the total body so that a balanced approach to fitness is achieved. The outcome is improved strength, core stability and greater cardio vascular performance. Your body becomes more efficient, and your running improves by leaps and bounds. And fewer injuries too.

Weight Loss too!

Cross training will help you burn more calories, and during the cross training season, we will discuss ways to eat healthy, take in adequate nutrition, and lose weight while gaining muscle in your 10K, half marathon and full marathon training schedule with BOISE RunWalk.

Cross-training with Coach Pam

Want to have fun with a small group of people just like you who want to lose some weight, get stronger and become a little faster?  Cross-training is the number one key important variable in achieving these goals, and Coach Pam brings her athletic achievements, coaching certifications and huge smile to help us accomplish our running and walking goals.


The camaraderie and encouragement I receive really makes the difference, and I look forward to continuing for many years with Boise RunWalk. I love making new friends while getting a total make-over physically and mentally. My goal now is to surprise my daughter by entering a 5K with her!  Thank you Steve and Pam!    ~ElizabethR.




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