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Growing Your New Massage Business Is All About Relationships

Since 2003, BOISE RunWalk has helped many massage therapists grow their businesses by helping them establish new relationships with our large group of customers. Since 2003, we’ve coached over 3,000 adults to a 10K, half marathon or marathon, and we promote your business and services when you help us with short 5-10 minute post-workout sports massage on Saturday mornings. Boise RunWalk is one of the largest structured group training programs in 11 western states and we invite you to help our customers and grow your new massage business.

Marketing and Sales: Keys To Growing Your Business

You might be an exceptional massage therapist, but without important marketing and sales experience, your business may not grow as fast as you’d like in our highly competitive local massage market. When you help Boise RunWalk with short post-workout massage on Saturday mornings, we help you increase your exposure into the community. Do you need help with your website? Need help with marketing strategy? We enjoy helping the massage therapists who help Boise RunWalk.

 Business to Business  Relationships

One of the keys to growing your business is to establish new relationships with other business, and then cross-promote one another. That’s what we do best, and we will help promote your business while you do the same for Boise RunWalk in a win-win relationship. And with Boise RunWalk, you have full access to our other business partners who are running shoe stores, physical therapists, dieticians, personal trainers, athletic clubs and more.

Our Customers Are Your New Prospective Customers

Our customers are training with BOISE RunWalk for a target 10K, half marathon or marathon and following their long Saturday workout, we provide your sports massage services for a short post-workout massage. Over the training season, you establish a relationship with our customers, and they make appointments for paid massage work with you.  Every Saturday morning we average 60-80 participating adults and they all need your services.

A True Success Story

Massage therapists working with Boise RunWalk might work with us for one month, several months, or a year or more… you decide. You also get to make your own schedule with us. A true success story is when a new massage therapist starts growing their business with Boise RunWalk and soon enough becomes too busy with paid appointments to continue working with Boise RunWalk on Saturday mornings. A success story is when a new massage therapists learns how to establish new relationships, and grows their practice. Boise RunWalk helps you by placing you in front of a large group every Saturday morning.

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