Summer Training Group – Half Marathon and 10k

  • It’s never too late to join
  • Structured group coaching on Saturday mornings
  • Meet most Saturdays at 7:30 am at Shoreline Park MAP
  • Other locations announced in weekly update and at Saturday mornings
  • Target distances: 10K, half-marathon, marathon
  • Target events: Run 4 Heaven’s Gate, City of Trees, and more
  • Summer coaching session begins July 16 (11 weeks)

Beginners and couch potatoes welcome!

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  • Follow the Weekly Update for locations, times, clinics, maps, routes
  • Walkers and Runners – all levels welcome.

Walkers and Runners – all experience levels

Join Boise RunWalk’s group training program this Summer. Runners and walkers, all experience levels, Couch Potatoes too. Join the Summer group training program for a full season of group support, new friends and great fun.

Half-Marathon? 10Km? Marathon? Summer-time!

Your Summer training program provides the group support and coaching you need for your target events in the Fall. The Summer is one of our most popular training programs with other target race events including Barber to Boise 5K/10K, Run for the Hills 10K/Half Marathon, Run 4 Heaven’s Gate (four half-marathons in a five-week stretch, City of Trees Half/Full Marathon, and Zeitgeist Half Marathon.

Portland Marathon, City of Trees Marathon, Run for Heaven’s Gate

The marathon schedule starts in Spring training for runners and walkers. If you are planning for a Fall marathon, we trust you have already been building up your miles in anticipation of such prior to our Summer program start. You are welcome to finish your marathon training with us! If your plan is to do one or more of the half-marathons, we coaches want to make sure you are approaching the first few weeks with low intensity and instead focusing more on the core strength, nutrition, and flexibility your event will demand. You have plenty of time to add the training volume you will need once you have built a base of low miles and freedom from injury by easing into it. Making new friends early will give you training buddies for those longer training days ahead.

Prefer a 10K?

The 10K Summer training schedule starts at 1-2 miles. Many people prefer to first train for a 10K (6.2 miles) and this program provides a good re-introduction to running after a long layoff. The 10K program also works well for walkers learning to run, and is a good stepping stone for everyone preparing for a half-marathon at some point in the future.

Routes and Amenities

All our Summer program routes are on either the Greenbelt or in the foothills behind Camelsback Park in Hulls Gulch. Each week, our group and coaches will enjoy routes with water fountains or coolers and restrooms or portable toilets.

Saturday Morning Agenda

Most Saturday mornings we follow a basic agenda: first we meet on-time, have a discussion on topics important to your training, take a quick potty break, warm-up briefly, and then do our run/walk workout. Usually during the first half of a training season, the talk and discussion part of the agenda lasts longer (perhaps 30+ minutes). Later in the season on longer-distance Saturdays, we cut the discussion timeframe considerably. Over the course of a full season, you will enjoy direct participation in the group with your team of coaches on Saturday mornings prior to your workout. If you arrive early on Saturdays, your coaches are usually there 10 minutes in advance and are available for good back-and-forth banter and questions/answers.

Personal Coaching

Do you need additional coaching aside from the coaching you receive in BOISE RunWalk’s group programs? Are you a non-member who is seeking a personal coach? For information, visit our personal coaching page.