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Since 2003, Boise's most popular group coaching for walkers, runners and couch potatoes too! All ages, all sizes. Run or walk or run/walk a 10K, half marathon or marathon after participating in a structured group training program. Changing your life has never been this much fun!


Boise running and walking

Boise RunWalk is a Boise running and walking training program which promotes improved wellness through exercise, nutrition and group support. We welcome people of all ages who wish to become healthier after a long layoff. People who are diabetic or obese should join too!


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Race Events

Boise and the Treasure Valley offer a full calendar of running and walking events including 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon distances... for walkers and runners of all levels.

Marathon training with Boise RunWalk

Train for a 26.2 mile marathon in 25 weeks. Start in the Winter, Spring or Summer training programs. Popular events for these seasonal training programs include Race to Robie Creek Half Marathon, Portland Marathon, Fit for Life Half Marathon 10K 5K, and the City of Trees Marathon. Barber to Boise, the St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration 5K and Zeitgeist are very popular too. Many are training for other regional and local events.

Half marathon training with Boise RunWalk

Train for a 13.1 mile half marathon in 12-14 weeks. Year-round training opportunities with new friends, accountability and success. Enjoy structured coaching, group interaction in discussion, support along training routes with water, restrooms and coaches. And yes, most Saturday workouts end with an opportunity to stretch out and enjoy a short sports massage. You may even join your coach for coffee later.

10K training with Boise RunWalk

Train for a 6.2 mile 10K in 12 weeks. A great program for people learning to add running to their walking, especially in preparation for the half or full marathon programs. 10K events are very popular and include Barber to Boise in October. Many people are advised to jump into a 10K program who think they are only ready for a 5K program, but your choice should be based on your specific goals after talking with a coach.

Phone Coach Steve today and let's discuss goals that are both realistic and challenging (208) 639-0205.

5K training with BOISE RunWalk

Train for a 3.1 mile 5K in 12 weeks. Participate in the St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration 5K or use this 5K training program to begin a long-term successful journey to better health while making new friends.

Boise marathons

Boise and the Treasure Valley have several popular marathon events. Visit the our calendar of events page for a complete listing of all events.

Run Walk

Most people will walk AND run during the course of their long-distance training and in their actual event. We coach you to the benefits of run/walk if this is important to you. Talk to your coaches, or even phone Coach Steve today (208) 639-0205.

Other Boise running clubs

Boise has several good running groups, running clubs and stores with group runs that are available for your running, walking and multisport needs. Here are a few of the other local options: Shu's Idaho Running CompanyThe Pulse Running and Fitness, Bandanna Running, Boise Y-Striders, Girls On The Run, Greater Boise Running Club, Nampa Women's Running Club, See Jane Run, Team Dobbiaco, and Team In Training


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